Finders keepers ;)

For the first time in a veeeeery long time, roomie was the first one to wake up and actually woke me up! Halleluja! She wanted to grab lunch at Hoang Yen before heading to work. Haven't been there in like forever and had almost forgotten about that place's existence even. It brought back some old bittersweet memories and if it wasn't because roomie had been really sick these last couple of days and I wanted to pamper her, I probably wouldn't agree on going there. It must've been karma points because on our way walking there, I found 2 million VND on the sidewalk. I picked up half and told roomie to take the rest. The "xe om" guy that was sitting on his motorbike like 10 meters away didn't look so happy. Hahahahah!

Postat av: - t , trang

HAHA VA?! Är dt sant gumman?! oh hur mkt är dt i svenska pengar! shiii lucky you huun :D ihihihiih

2010-12-13 @ 14:32:39
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