Motivational Monday.

What the hell, it's Monday already?! I was basically bedridden throughout the entire last week so felt the performance anxiety crawling out. Fortunately for me, I have an awesome sister! She knew that I hadn't seen my pictorials from the latest issue of Style because it's only been out a couple of days and I've been sick so earlier today she posted them on my Wall on Facebook so I could see (couldn't see smack, why would she take pictures with the webcam?!). Anyways, it's the thought that counts and it was good enough to get some of my motivation back. Need to get well soon so I can start working out again. Call me crazy but I think I'm starting to miss the gym.

Way too hot ..

Woke up to the worst fever ever this morning! Must've caught roomie's illness. My whole body was aching and sore. Haven't been working out for probably over a week now and was going to start again this morning but then I just had to go and get sick. On top of that, I have a photoshoot in two more days. Talk about worst timing ever! Been in bed all day either sleeping or watching Gossip Girl and eating congee. Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie was the only thing missing hahahah! And a fork, because that's how I eat my ice cream ;)

Finders keepers ;)

For the first time in a veeeeery long time, roomie was the first one to wake up and actually woke me up! Halleluja! She wanted to grab lunch at Hoang Yen before heading to work. Haven't been there in like forever and had almost forgotten about that place's existence even. It brought back some old bittersweet memories and if it wasn't because roomie had been really sick these last couple of days and I wanted to pamper her, I probably wouldn't agree on going there. It must've been karma points because on our way walking there, I found 2 million VND on the sidewalk. I picked up half and told roomie to take the rest. The "xe om" guy that was sitting on his motorbike like 10 meters away didn't look so happy. Hahahahah!

Birthday Girl!

Yesterday was my Birthday but the celebration already started last week. Last year was a crazy rollercoaster ride - in a bad way, while this entire year was been a really slow and unproductive one that ended up slowly sucking the life out of me. The last couple of months has been like hell on earth and really hard on me but not too long ago everything turned around. This year, my Birthday really meant everything! It was a day for me to end a chapter I desperately needed to get closure on but at the same time, that day was the mark for something new.

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